Aluminium Foil Dinosaur

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Date: 2018

Medium: aluminium plated resin print

Dimension: 18 x 31 x 8 cm

​conceived as an edition of 8 plus 1 Artist’s proof

In tandem with his epic paintings and sculptures, Breuer-Weil has always delighted in rendering ideas quickly and in small format. Paintings are often based on scribbles in notebooks. Large bronzes start as maquettes in clay and plasticine. But there are also these quasi-ephemeral figures crafted from tin foil and other experimental media.

Playful and highly inventive, the throwaway sculptures may exist for only a few hours. However, utilising 3D printing the artist has started to preserve these spontaneous and vulnerable pieces. The process acts as a digital library for three-dimensional ideas in the same way that a sketchbook holds ideas indefinitely.

By printing them with the latest technology, as here, they gain permanence whilst maintaining their fragile and vulnerable appearance. “The complex, unpremeditated textures of the foil allow for exciting new sculptural possibilities” states Breuer-Weil. In these small, tactile works he contemplates rebirth in the modern world: the tin foil is born-a-new, printed from a digital file and restored as a simulacrum of the original.